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1942 West Main Rd, Middletown, RI
PHONE (401) 848-9910
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DIY Petting Zoo at Simmons Farm DIY Petting Zoo at Simmons Farm

Goat Yoga Classes with Christine Reed and Karla Simmons.

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Goat yoga has taken the holistic wellness & integrative therapy world by storm. One word to describe yoga is union; we practice together as one in nature with other animals, gently stretching, opening up our minds and hearts. Many people jokingly ask if the goats will be doing yoga too, well, in a way yeah.

In mindfulness practice the muscle that is strengthened is awareness, or concentration. The inclusion of the playful, adorable kids serves as a tool to strengthen that muscle. Typically after a yoga practice one will often experience this same euphoric feeling you felt when you first watched the goat yoga video. Perhaps this is because you have disconnected with your daily stresses and enjoyed doing yoga in union with nature. So if you look at it this way it becomes clear how goats and yoga are another perfect match!


Adult Classes are now open for enrollment. Use the following links to forms below to register your attendance, and please note completing each form is only to hold a place with payment collected during the check in process on the day of the class in the farm stand.

If you need to cancel, please notify with notice as possible to free up a space for someone else.

As each class is weather-permitting, watch over social media for status changes at


Click to Register for our Goat Yoga Classes

Not sure yet about trying Goat Yoga? See the following!


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