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1942 West Main Rd, Middletown, RI
PHONE (401) 848-9910
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A variety of goat cheese, beef, and pork products available at the Farm Stand and regional farmers markets.

COWS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PART OF OUR HISTORY and no matter how many things change, having cows has always been a constant on Simmons Farm. In 1999 we began looking for a hearty beef cow to add to the farm. After much consideration we chose the Belted Galloway, a Heritage breed originating in Scotland that thrives on pasture and can handle the harshest New England weather. We currently have a herd of over 50 grassfed belted galloway.

Our Belties are 100% grass fed from start to finish and bred on our farm. In 2008 we began our breeding program of another heritage breed, the Tamworth Pig, one of the oldest breeds of pigs. Much like the “Belties” we chose this red pig for their hardiness and their ability to thrive on pasture.

Throughout the year Simmons Farm offers farm fresh, naturally raised meats and poultry. We do not give any of our Animals antibiotics or growth hormones. We offer Pasture raised poultry, which is poultry raised in wagons and let to graze over our organic pasture and vegetable growing land. Chickens and turkeys are both available. Pasture raised  pork and grass fed beef are available through our CSA and now at farmers markets and our farm stand.

We are entering our eighth year of cheese!  In 2010 we built our Grade A goat dairy. We offer a wide selection of Chevre (a fresh soft goat cheese). All of dairy products are made of 100% of our own milk and made weekly on the farm. All of are dairy products are available in the farm stand and at the farmers markets we participate in.

Ever wanted to learn the cheese making process? Come spend a fun afternoon learning the art of Mozzarella cheese making with Simmons Farms resident cheese maker, Karla Simmons.

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