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1942 West Main Rd, Middletown, RI
PHONE (401) 848-9910
CSA at Simmons Farm
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Community Supported Agriculture at Simmons Farm

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Debit Style CSA- it’s Simple!

With our flexible debit style CSA you can come when you need to, choose want you want and get just what you need! The higher the sum and the earlier you join (check the dates below), the greater the bonus will be. At your first pick up, you will receive a Simmons Farm card loaded with your total, including your bonus bucks and a complimentary CSA canvas tote bag to bring with you to carry your groceries.

The Details:

Pay up front and get a bonus on any money you pay. You can then use your membership on the website.

Options are:

  • $400 to spend over 26 weeks (average of $16/wk)- 5% bonus if paid in full. 
    Bonus bucks earned -$18. Total for the season w/bonus credit $418
  • $650 to spend over 26 weeks (average of $27/wk)- 10% bonus if paid in full. 
    Bonus bucks earned- $60. Total for the season w/bonus credit $710
  • $870 to spend over 26 weeks (average of $38/wk)- 15% bonus if paid in full. 
    Bonus bucks earned- $130. Total for the season w/bonus credit $1,000

You do not have to come every week, so if you’re out of town, no worries! Nor do you have to spend an exact amount each week. You choose from a variety of that day’s harvest and treats from our certified dairy, meat freezer and the other local products we will be sourcing from our local farm and business friends. You may select cheeses, meats, veggies and any off farm products that we buy in or value added products we decide to create. Some weeks you may only want a cheese and a bag of salad greens, the next time you may be planning a large party with a large shopping list. The only requirement is that all funds must be used by the end of the season, as nothing will be carried into the next seasons CSA.

Visit the Simmons Farm Online Shop to Join the CSA


What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a program that builds a relationship between the consumer, their food source and the farmer. The CSA provides the consumer with fresh local foods and with knowledge and appreciation of these foods. It provides the farmer with a direct relationship with the families they serve. Our CSA program is a farm share co-op where members purchase a “share” of the seasons harvest with a weekly payoff of eggs, cheese, meat& vegetables. Members take advantage of the freshest organic produce harvested for them that very day. In trade for paying in advance they are given a below retail price for the goods they receive and the farmer benefits by receiving funds to begin the season. It is truly an investment in the farm and the community.

With the continual threats of development to the small family farm and the increasing globalization of our food source, you can make a difference by making the choice to buy local from a place you know and trust. So don’t wonder where your food comes from, know.

We grow everything from arugula to zucchini and lots in between. Our cows are pastured and 100% grass fed, our pigs are pastured happy to root around and be pigs. We provide the most natural, healthy environment possible for all of our animals. We offer periodically through the season whole pastured chickens, they weigh between 3-5lbs. The cheese is true “Farmstead” cheese, made fresh, on farm, by us, using 100% of our own goat or cows milk. Our eggs are from happy chickens who are free to roam and peck and are available by the dozen or 1/2 dozen.

Simmons Farm annually donates CSA shares to various non-profit organizations and families in need. If you would like to recommend a family in need who would benefit from a share, please contact us. You may donate to our “Share a Share” program by adding any amount you are able to the total on your application. By donating to “Share a Share” you are joining in our effort to help our community and friends and helping to create the ability for us to donate more.