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1942 West Main Rd, Middletown, RI
PHONE (401) 848-9910

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  • April 2014 – we have about 40 spaces left
  • We are now accepting applications for our Summer 2014 CSA
  • Summer CSA runs for 25 weeks June all the way through to Thanksgiving
  • This summer enrollment is limited to 100 members
  • download an application on the CSA page

 The petting zoo and farm stand is open weekdays 3-6pm, closed Wednesdays open Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm.  Kid cones filled with feed for feeding your friends are available in the stand, cones are $1.00 each. 

Thank you for your continued support. Brian and Karla Simmons


Simmons Farm is a 120 acre  family Farm in Middletown, Rhode Island that specializes in growing traditional and heirloom produce for our Farm Stand,farmers markets, wholesale accounts and our Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA).

Simmons Farm offers pasture raised eggs, grass-fed beef, pastured pork and seasonal offerings of lamb and goat meat. We make our own Farmstead Cheese in our certified on farm dairy.  We use 100% of our own goat and cow milk and make our cheese fresh on a daily basis. Wholesale accounts are welcome for the cheese. We welcome visitors at the farms petting zoo and at local farmers markets. Get to know your farmer, get to know your food!

Our Farm Stand is open weekdays 3-6pm, closed Wednesdays. Open weekends 12-6pm.